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Online Medical Questionnaires

We create timesaving, intuitive, multilingual, inexpensive, facilitating, and meaningful IT


for over 130 subspecialties

Algorithmic Analysis

with intelligent and smart data analysis

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presented the way doctors prefer


in over 100 languages

Better Workflow

systematic workflow improvement

Patient Education

the www at patient's fingertips

For all Budgets

savings likely, without investments

Diagnostic Help

Differential Diagnosis Help

Stand alone or Integrated

independant or integrated in EPDs


Short demo video clips of our work at Mediprepare.

Questionnaire a..z

Online data collection


1 Image > 1000 words


Calculations and feedback

Diagnostic help

Differential diagnosis help

Routes in hospital

Finding the way in building

Our Founding Team

Hans Hendrickx MD PhD

Founder and Medical Expert

Tom Blauwendraat MSc

Founder and IT Architect

Prof. Marianne Junger PhD

Scientific Analysis Expert

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