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MediPrepare: Revolutionizing health care at the patient’s fingertips

Doctors are often pressured to rush through consultation. Would you like the time to be able to talk to your patients again? Our tools offer the solution. Smart questionnaires are filled out by the patients themselves; putting them back in control of the data they share, and decreasing the workload of doctors. Accurate and simple medical records free up more time, enabling you to upgrade the level of care you provide for your patients. We combine intuitive technology with a human-centered approach for efficient administrative health care.

Smart questionnaire preview.

Patients provide answers

The questionnaire is person-centered and relevant; it only asks applicable questions based on previous answers. Filled in by the patient at any location before the appointment, the results allow consultation time to be used more effectively.

Letter to Doctor

A valid and well-structured letter is made available for quick and safe medical review. The necessary information is presented in a recognizable format that has been developed and preferred by doctors over centuries.

A better doctor-patient team

Doctors lack the time to talk properly to their patients. Tight schedules and chaotic medical records reduce actual consultation time. Doctors and patients can conveniently improve communication together.

Suited for all parts of the health care chain

Our tools are flexible, adapting to every health care level. Anyone can use them, from emergency departments to general practitioners and dentists.

Multilingual communication

Don’t let language become a communication barrier. Thanks to standardization of the questionnaire, it is available in most languages of the world.

Mutual Validation

Both patient and doctor work together to maximize accuracy of health records and ensure they are up-to-date, ultimately providing better and more efficient diagnosis and treatment.

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Ready to have proper face-to-face conversations with your patients without having to hurry things along? Reduce your own pre-administrative workload and give your patients the time and care they deserve.

Information exchange in health care, worldwide

Our aim is to provide better health care to everyone around the globe. Our solution embraces technological advances in a people-centered way; a completely new approach to health care reform.

Current systems such as EHR, EMR and EPR are extremely complex and present large overwhelming masses of data. Our tools do not. Instead, they present relevant information. Our tools are interoperable, integrating seamlessly into any system and adapting to languages. Doctors, patients and institutions can all benefit from less administration and a more streamlined workflow, leading to more effective medical communications.

Perfecting pre-admission with participatory health care

Our tools take patient portals one step further, offering patients complete autonomy over their data. Patients provide the input to create their own dynamic patient chart, thereby becoming active participants in their own health care once again. The dynamic patient chart offers:

No-nonsense navigation

The questionnaire navigates through thousands of questions based on input, asking only relevant ones.

Online accessibility

The smart questionnaire asks questions based on previous answers; patients are not needlessly frustrated from answering large amounts of irrelevant or repetitive questions.

Mobile patient engagement

Time-saving and cost-effective, online questionnaires can be answered conveniently on mobile phones. Increase patient engagement from home or in the waiting room.

Available in any common language

The standardized questionnaire is available in over 100 languages.

Affordable health care

Health care information systems tend to amass unstructured data logs, taking up time and money to collect and interpret. Our tools enable patients to take control of their information by completing the pre-admission themselves. This decreases the doctor’s workload and thereby increases the time available for the patient. By decreasing both time and money spent on pre-admission, effective health care provides practitioners with clear and relevant information regarding their patients.

Keeping personal health records private

Confidentiality in health and social care is important. The patient is the owner of his or her data. Patients decide what information to disclose, whom to share their personal health record with, and can even revoke access. The patient’s privacy is therefore guaranteed.

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Our tools bring back power to the patient, and time back into your consultation. We are taking on the challenge of effective administrative health care by embracing technology with a human-centered approach.