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Our dedicated team

MediPrepare combines in-field medical experience with technological innovation. We thrive on refining health care from as many angles as possible, first and foremost from the medical perspective. Our integrative approach is reflected in our multidisciplinary team. From doctors and web developers to security specialists and economists, our goal is to improve healthcare by giving back autonomy to doctor and patient – enabling them to work together positively as a team.


Harry Hendrickx MA PhD

Founder and CEO

Harry is an economist with 40+ years experience, marketer and business architect with a passion for technological innovation. He spent the last 15 years working as CTO all over the world. Harry also covers investor relations.


Denis Hageman MSc PhD

Technology and Innovation

Denis is an international technology expert from strategy to methodology and systems. He guides the choice of development tools and the evolution of information systems, IT Infrastructure and architecture, New Technology and innovation. He is also a physicist.


Hugo Kalf

Strategist in digital marketing

Hugo is founder and director of Bohemia Amsterdam. He is a strategist and specialist in online communication and has become a partner and advisor of MediPrepare. He guides the development of digital marketing to a core competence.

Advisory board


Harry Pauw ML

Seasoned board level Manager in health care

Harry has been a manager and board member of several hospitals in the health care sector in the Netherlands. He understands the sector from all angles and guides the team in the right direction.

Marijn Hendrickx MSc

Marijn is an international expert in financing companies of different sizes across the globe. He has a keen sense of multi-party investment processes.

Mark C. Hoogenboom

Mark is a visionary in ICT architecture, software development, mobility services and continuous improvement with 35+ years of experience. He is one of the technical experts who understands the importance of soft skills in a technical environment.

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Our tools bring back power to the patient, and time back into your consultation. We are taking on the challenge of effective health care by embracing technology with a human-centered approach.