About us

Our vision

MediPrepare introduces the patient story into the care process: any language, any time, any place

The story of the patient is missing in healthcare processes. The usual encounters or interactions are too short for the caregiver to understand or record the complaint and the Patient Context. MediPrepare wants to bring the patient story into the care process prior to a care contact, starting at the moment the patient becomes aware of something unusual.

Our mission

Our tools present relevant information organized in a pattern as the doctor needs it during a patient encounter. Our tools are interoperable, integrating seamlessly into any system and language. Doctors, patients and institutions can all benefit from less administration and a more streamlined workflow, leading to more effective medical communications. Of course we follow all applicable laws and privacy rules.

Our mission is to help healthcare organizations streamline patient access by providing the best interactive questionnaires and related services.


MediPrepare has the ambition to deliver this service around the globe, any time, any place, any language, for everyone. However, as a startup we focus on the Netherlands first.

Transfer of the patient story to the healthcare provider, worldwide

Our aim is to help in providing better health care to everyone around the globe. Our solution embraces technological advances in a people-centered way; a completely new approach to health care reform that starts with the patient who is aware of something unusual.  We give the patient 100% control on his contribution to the health system.

Keeping up with relevant insights – Our network

MediPrepare validates the approach continuously in the healthcare sector as well as the technology space. Through the extensive network of its partners validation can be done at every level or in every corner of the sector.

MediPrepare has obtained a strong and stable network of advisors, experts and suppliers related to the key topics during the patient journey. These relate to knowing the context and behavior of patients and caregivers, privacy- en security regulations, digital marketing, government policies, strategy development and initiative development, legal advisors, funding advisors, innovation and development of new business, business development, technology questions, software development, and last but not least website development to support MediPrepare market approach.

Health determinants poster

Evidence based

MediPrepare attaches great value to constantly improving the modularity, accessibility and relevance of the questionnaire to the patients context and its subsequent need.  It is designed for giving a 360⁰ view of the patient and continuity during the patient journey.

This has lead to a series of pilots and a long term relationship with entrepreneurial medical doctors. Questions we ask focus around the acceptance of the questionnaire by patients and the perceived benefits  by the involved caregivers – both specialists and general practitioners.

Results include in-depth insights on the patient drivers, motivational factors and behavior. Also insights how the various parts of the questionnaire fit in the patient journey have inspired MediPrepare to develop a new release with more flexibility for doctor and patient and better integration in workprocesses and information systems. 

Currently pilots are run at a GP Practice and private clinic for non-Dutch speaking patients. We are now testing and exploring how the information generated by the patient can best become available at the patient-caregiver encounter. If interested how we have become effective in these pilots you may contact us at 085-0605025 or info@mediprepare.com.


Carinke Buiting

Carinke Buiting

MD and registered information technologist

Since 1996 Carinke develops IT standards for healthcare at the The Dutch College of General Practitoners (NHG.org). Besides that she delivers advisory services for healthcare organisations. Carinke has built a track record in electronic communication, international IT- and healthcare standards, information security and privacy by design.

She reckons that the patient has so far been overlooked when it comes to bringing his own story into the process. That is a real omission. When she discovered MediPrepare questionnaire she was convinced about the quality and completeness of the self-anamneses. And, she is passionate about the challenge to connect it to the IT systems of caregivers.

Harry Hendrickx

Dr. Harry Hendrickx

Entrepreneur, (digital) innovation, transformation

Harry is an entrepreneur and transformation advisor in healthcare. He is passionate about adoption of new technologies wherever possible. After an international career as transformation advisor and Chief Technology Officer across industries he landed in healthcare.

The first thing he noticed  is the lack of competencies for innovation and transformation as well as the complexity of rules and regulations. Furthermore he noticed too little attention for what the patient himself may contribute to his own care process. He found a good match between his competencies and the challenges in healthcare and leverages these during this entrepreneurial initiative.