Privacy statement

Version 1.0.0
Last update: 12-04-2021

Personal data that may be processed

MediPrepare may process personal data because you use MediPrepare services and/or because you provided the data yourself by completing a form. MediPrepare may process the following personal data:

  • Your surname and christian name
  • Your address details
  • Your telephone number
  • Your e-mailaddress
  • Your IP-address
  • Your organization’s name and related address details
  • Your bank and payment data if you pay for a service
  • Information about your location, device, browser settings and surf behavior.

Why MediPrepare needs data

Execute an agreed service

MediPrepare may process data related to the execution of a service, as requested by you. For instance when fulfilling a service or sending a newsletter.

Getting in touch on your own request 

MediPrepare processes your data to contact you by phone if you request it or by written communication (email or postal mail) if you can’t be reached by phone.

Optimize, improve or ensure security and proper functioning of the he website 

The website of MediPrepare records general visitor data, among other things the IP-address of your device, the timestamp of your request and data that your browser sends with it. These data will be used for analyzing search and click behavior on the website, for security provisions of our website and for the pproper functioning of our website and related plugins.  MediPrepare uses this information to optimize, improve and take security measures. MediPrepare may share these data with a third party or third party applications  like Google Analytics.

Functional cookies

We apply functional cookies that are needed for a proper functioning of our website. Cookies are data records, saved on your computer, in order to distinguish between visitors. These can be deleted any time from the browser setting of your computer.

Use of other plugin scripts and webfonts

On our website we use JavaScript-code for the proper functioning and presenttation of our website. This code may also originate from an external party like for instance Google Webfonts.

If you activate in your browser Javascript and did not install a JavaScript blocker your browser will possibly forward personal data if code will be uploaded by one of our suppliers. We do not know which data are linked to the received data and for which purposes these are used. You may prevent execution of JavaScript-code through installation of a JavaScript-blocker (for example

For how long does MediPrepare keep your data

MediPrepare keeps your personal data not any longer than strictly needed to realize the completion of what has been agreed upon. Your data are not longer than 26 months kept if no agreement is realized, or after it has been cancelled. Cookies may be deleted any time by you in the browser seetings.

Sharing with third parties

MediPrepare provides your personal data only to third parties if this is needed to fulfil your request, to comply with a legal obligation, to optimize the functioning of the website or to assure security. Also sharing of information with other webapplications and suppliers. Also information is shared with providers of hosting services are once these are needed for the proper functioning of our website and web functionalities, like for instance chat functionality. We will handle your data prudently by as much as we can sending them anonymously and as much as we can close agreements on processing conditions with third parties who also offer our services.

Data review, change or adapt

You have the legal right to review your personal data, correct or delete them. You may also request to review, correct or deletion. You may request review, correction or deletion of data through post or email to us via the contact nformation button below at the bottom of this page or belotting. MediPrepare responds a soon as possible, but no later than 4 weeks.


MediPrepare is serious about the protection of your data and takes appropriate measures to prevent mis-usage, loss, unauthorized access, undesired exposure or unallowed changes. The website of MediPrepare applies a trusted SSL certificate to ensure protection of your personal data.

If you  have the impression that your data are not well protected,  that you notice misuse or need more information about the security and protection of your by MediPrepare gathered personal data, you may contact MediPrepare by phone or email as indicated below.  is a website of MediPrepare. MediPrepare can be reached as follows:

T: +31(0)85 – 0605025