For whom

Healthcare providers

MediPrepare services can be applied in several professional contexts, like:

  • when patient only seeks information or advice what to do next
  • at each medical intake it gives comfort for instance to catch in seconds the 360⁰ Patient Context
  • in each triage setting it is helpful to have context, red alerts and risk profile readily at hand
  • at each consideration on the correct next step in the therapy path the full Patient Context is helpful
  • if foreign employees fall ill the doctor receives their story, recorded in their own language and translated


In his search for answers from the first ‘awareness of a complaint’ up to ‘feeling fine as before’, the patient is in a journey with several stations where having a Patient Context is helpful:

  • when starting online search if ‘something is not feeling ok’  early in the patient journey
  • in self care each time when considering ‘should I better see a doctor?’
  • at every intake a better prepared patient is a better companion for the caregiver
  • in situations of urgency you are carrying your critical data like risk scores, medication and red flags with you
  • when a language barrier exists: migrants, retirees abroad, world travellers